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Superbly designed Antler suitcases, lightweight cabin luggage, hand luggage and travel bags.

Proud of its British heritage, Antler® Ltd is at the very forefront of Worldwide luggage technology.

Synonymous with great quality, durability and innovation, Antler pay attention to each and every detail of its products. Each piece of Antler luggage is crafted, designed and engineered to the very highest standards using lightweight yet highly robust materials. Providing each and every Antler customer with the freedom to pack and carry whatever it is you need, without concerns about additional weight associated with poor design or over engineering.


Antler do not create products to meet your expectations, their workmanship and expert choice of materials design means that a piece of Antler luggage should exceed your expectations. So confident are they in their design Antler provides a 10 Year Warranty. Antler Revalation 5 Year Warranty and the Antler Casual bag receives a 1 Year Warranty, .

Antler Luggage Collection

The Antler Luggage Collection includes hard and soft sided, and are available in a variety of colours and with features such as the silent easy glide wheels and the aluminium trolleys systems. All Antlers luggage is designed to be lightweight and the collection is comprised of the following ranges:

  • the Best Buy Award winning Duolite Suitcase range,
  • the Best Buy Award winning Size Zero 4 wheel suitcase range
  • the Liquis suitcase range
  • the Purelite suitcase range
  • the Tourlite suitcase range
  • the Airstream suitcase range
  • the Mantis suitcase range
  • the Quarto suitcase range
  • the Nexus suitcase range
  • the Flyweight suitcase range
  • the Lumiere suitcase range

Antler Cabin Luggage Collection

Designed to go over your head, the Antler Cabin Luggage Collection are designed to stored in the cabin as hand luggage. This means more time enjoying your holiday and less time waiting in the airport baggage reclaims. All Antlers Cabin Luggage is designed to be lightweight and the collection is comprised of the following ranges:

  • the Liquis International Cabin suitcase range
  • the Duolite Cabin suitcase range
  • the Tourlite Large Cabin 4 wheel case range
  • the New Six Zero 4 wheel International Cabin suitcase range
  • the Tourlite Cabin 2 suitcase range
  • the Purelite International suitcase range
  • the Airstream 4 wheel Cabin suitcase range
  • the Whistler Upright range
  • the Nexus Cabin case range
  • the Flyweight Cabin suitcase range
  • the Quarto Cabin range
  • the Lumiere European Cabin case range
  • the Business 100 Mobile Office case

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